A doctor with milk of human kindness

By Shaban Wali

The shell of illness when encloses your existence, reflects back all kinds of happy moments to be enjoyed. For the past a couple of years I had been roaming throughout the country in order to get few seconds free of misery. But my legs have sworn not to be mine; changing posture and walking for a moment became great challenge for me. Not a single doctor succeeded in relieving my pain. I finally had to spend time consoling my own soul for I was left with no one to share my suffering with

Dr Ehsaan Khan

That day I heard about a new doctor at EFHC Shoghore whose extraordinary service has made him popular enough to catch everyone’s attention. I vamped up an excuse for not consulting Dr Ehsaan Khan each time I heard of him. The doctors I met already were more than enough to evaluate and treat the tip of iceberg only. But the desire of living the life vivaciously turned me on and I stepped forth to meet the doctor.

A young and well-mannered man greeted me with his good-natured smile. His gentle words and kind look made me feel so comfortable that I started telling him the melancholic tale of mine. He was listening so keenly and attentively that I started feeling myself the most important person on the face of the earth. I could not stop myself diving into the depth of ecstasy. He had the milk of human kindness in him.

The empathetic nature of him made me feel so eased that I felt no regret of the decision I made to meet him. He examined me from head to toe asking questions about things I missed to tell him. I was paying salute to his competency silently. I was asked to do some investigations and then medicines were prescribed. He told about the ailment l was suffering from. I returned home with satisfaction and the hatred towards the so-called pills was gone now.

Days passed, the drugs reached the affected areas stopping the pain receptors responding to any kind of pain stimuli. I followed the instructions given by the great doctor and within few weeks l was able to move my legs without any fear. Few days later l even started playing football with my grandchildren, that was the moment l really wanted someone to capture and imprison within a paper as a symbol of great triumph. Each step l take today l pray for the healing soul.

Dr Ehsaan came from downtown to serve us for no reward. There are thousands of people like me who got healed by him. The families whose gardens were barren are blessed with blossomed flowers now, the poor oldies who were confined to their beds have forgotten their pain and are enhancing the charm of playgrounds and the lazy mothers are healthy enough to bring back the loud laughs in the vicinity of their homes.

Thank you Dr. Ehsaan Khan for bringing with you the aroma of sympathy, respect and kindness. You are indeed the most competent, genious and kindhearted doctor l ever met. We owe gratitude for the service you are paying for our people. Thousands of hands arise each day to pray for your unlimited success. Thank you for being the ray of light in the darkened homes of the suffering people. May you enjoy the pureness of sunshine each day with the shadows of sorrows falling away from you.


These are the feelings of an old patient about his doctor.

2 Replies to “A doctor with milk of human kindness”

  1. Empathy and compassion really enhance the quality of treatment. Before becoming a doctor one must nurture these qualities. Salaams Dr. Ehsaan.

  2. Proper training on how to deal with patients as human beings is must for a doctor. yes good doctor always listens to the patient and provide them solace and satisfaction. Most of the pain and sickness can be treated through good behavior of a doctor. But most of our doctors, not only in Chitral but in major cities too seem in a hurry and prescribe dozens of tablets and syrup and send off the patient. One or most of the drugs may relieve the pain but it would leave huge side effects on the patient.
    Salam to this doctor in Chitral.

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