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Snowbound Broghil valley in the grip of food crisis

BANG (YARKHUN): People in the Broghil valley are facing a severe shortage of food items as the area remains blocked since December.

There was already about two feet snow in Broghil and on Tuesday the far-off area again received snowfall. Broghil is located about 40 kilometres north of Yarkhun Lasht and the dirt track to the area is closed since the snowfall there in the first week of December.

Two residents of Broghil told ChitralToday correspondent that they travelled to Yarkhun Lasht on foot. They said there was a severe shortage of essential commodities as well as fodder for animals. The Broghil residents heavily depend on cattle for their livelihood.

They said the road to Broghil was open up to Yarkhun Lasht from where due to heavy snow it had been closed since December. During this period, there has been no supply of any essential items to Broghil.

Even the anti-polio drive could not be launched in Broghil as the area was not accessible in the winter. This year Broghil as well as the entire Yarkhun valley have received heavy snow.

The Broghil residents appealed to the government to arrange food items for them and fodder for their animals, They said during the government of the PPP in the 1970s, the then prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had ordered air dropping of fodder for the cattle when Broghil faced a similar situation.

They regretted that while the people of Broghil faced crises in the winter, there was no one form the government even to inquire about their miseries. They said they were patriotic citizens of Pakistan and should be provided special relief considering the strategic importance of their area.

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  1. Liaqat Khan says

    Food crises can be the result of short supplying of wheat by food denactment. This needs to be checked.

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