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Royal couple sends thank you letter to Chitral admin

CHITRAL: Four months after their visit to Pakistan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have thanked the district administration of Chitral for making ‘excellent’ arrangements during their daylong trip to Chitral on Oct 17 last year, thus making it a memorable one.

A letter issued from the Kensington Palace by Zoe Ware, the private secretary to Duke of Cambridge and addressed to the deputy commissioner, Chitral, Naveed Ahmed, said: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked me to tell you how delighted they were to have the opportunity to visit Chitral during their recent visit to Pakistan.”

“The Royal Highness would have me thank you and your team in the civil administration in Chitral for providing security and coordination in the run up to their visit on the day itself.”–Zahiruddin

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