Refusal by army helicopter to airlift Inqilabi adv condemned

  • On the one hand, people stranded in snowbound areas of AJK were airlifted but on the other a helicopter returning from Chitral refused to take a dying young man to a hospital in Peshawar for emergency medical care
  • When Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister came to Chitral on a leisure trip and got stuck in Golen valley due to flash floods last year, a helicopter arrived and took her away within hours without any SOP
  • Lawyers seek action against army helicopter’s crew for not to airlifting their colleague whose life could have been saved in a major hospital in Peshawar or any other city.


CHITRAL: Lawyers here called upon the chief of the army staff to take action against those military officials who refused to airlift one of their senior colleagues out of Chitral for emergency medical treatment when the area was cut off due to snowfall.

During the closure of Chitral an army helicopter brought the dead body of a soldier to Mastuj from Lahore on Jan 15 and on return landed in Chitral town for refueling.

In the meantime, doctors at the poorly-equipped District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital were struggling to save the life of Ghulam Hazrat Inqilabi Advocate, 48, after he was brought in with a brain hamorrhaege.

The helicopter remained in Chitral town for about three hours and took off without taking the patient to Peshawar despite being approached by the lawyers and a notable of the area and former aviation pilot of the army. And the young lawyer continued struggling for his life for another 10 hours and passed away.

Speaking at a press conference in Chitral today, colleagues of the late Inqilabi, including Khursheed Hussain Mughal adv, Niaz A. Niazi, Sajid Ullah, Waqas Ahmed, Hameed Ahmed and Siraj Uddin Rabbani condemned the personnel of the army helicopter for their callous attitude towards the dying patient.

They said on the one hand people stranded in snowbound areas of Azad Kashmir were being airlifted and on the other 0.5 million people of Chitral remained cut off from the rest of the world and an army helicopter flew out of Chitral without bothering to take the patient needing emergency medical care to a city hospital.

When Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister came to Chitral on a leisure trip and got stuck in Golen valley due to flash floods last year, within hours a helicopter arrived and took her away, they added.

But when a young and energetic lawyer was in a critical condition a helicopter flew off from the town leaving him to die without proper medical care.

The lawyers also criticized the callous attitude of the federal government and the National Highway Authority (NHA) towards keeping the Chitral-Dir road open by removing the snow.

They said had the road been opened, Inqilabi could have been taken to a city hospital by road.

They also criticized the deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral and said he was an incompetent officer and either does not know or had no interest to resolve public issues.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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