No check on supply of substandard edibles to Upper Chitral

MASTUJ: The district administration of Upper Chitral last month launched a campaign against supply of unhygienic and substandard food items such as chips to local traders and impounded or sent back a number of trucks after they arrived in Booni from down districts.

But it seems that the action was a one-time exercise as no measures have been put in place to check the sale of such items that are injurious to health especially for children.

Poor quality chips and other eatable items are brought to Chitral from other districts and handed over mostly to local agents who supply them to shops in far-off villages.

It is strange how these vendors reach these villages after passing scores of check posts in lower and upper Chitral.

Public circles while talking to ChitralToday demanded that the local administration should strictly ban sale of such items in order to safeguard the health of the residents, especially children.


Reporting: Akhtar Shad


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