Pickpockets deprive journalist of cash, mobile phone


PESHAWAR: Pickpockets in Peshawar deprived Chitral-based senior media person Gul Hamaad Farooqui of cash and a mobile phone.

He was travelling in a public transport vehicle from Saddar to Khyber Bazaar when the incident  occurred.

Farooqui complained to the police station east in Peshawar that the pickpockets took away Rs20,000 and a costly mobile phone from him.

He requested the police to register a case and trace the culprits.

However, the police are yet to register a case and probe the matter, according to the complainant.

  1. Zubair says

    If a journalist pickpockets someone, it’s no news, but if someone pickpockets a journalist, it’s news!

    1. Zahiruddin says

      mind your language Mr. You have knowingly or stupidly placed the two in one row and place. A mean and sweeping statement about a profession.

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