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Muhammad, the great saviour of humanity

By Muhammad Amin

Muhammad (p.b.u.h) was the last messenger of Allah, the almighty, was born at Makah on 12th Rabiul Awal, 570 A.D. He was given birth in a noble family through a noble tree. His father had died before he came to the world and after a few years he was also deprived of the care of his beloved mother.

His grandfather assumed the upbringing of the holy prophet but he was also destined to live with him for a short time. After this his beloved paternal uncle took charge of his caring and left no stone unturned to give him his deep affection and even cared him more lovely than his own children. He always remained like rock towards in the face of the opposition of Quraish of Makah.

It was the time when the whole of Arabian peninsula especially and the world generally were passing through ignorance and inequality.

Religiously there was no true believer in the Unity of God .Although Judaism and Christianity were existed as the two revealed religions, but they were twisted and interfered badly. Jews claimed Prophet Uzair (a.s) as the Son of God and Christians believed in the concept of the Trinity of God. Other great religions prevalent at the time were Zoroastrianism and Hinduism worshiping thousands of deities and deeply delved into unbelievable superstitions. They used to worship anything that could inspire them. Inside Makah there were placed around 360 idols of different natures, being Habal the greatest.

Politically there was no stability throughout the world. The Romans and Mechachean empires were disintegrating and splitting due to internal feud. In addition, there was no political unified authority throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Economically there was no fair distribution of wealth. The rulers and aristocrats were thriving on the money of the poor with the imposition of squeezing taxation. Everywhere there was discontent on the parts of poor class.

Socially .ignorance was rampant everywhere and there was no equality of law .Law was only to protect the interests of the haves and haves not were victimized thoroughly. Women had no right in inheritance .In Arab female children were buried alive out of fear of hunger and shame and women were considered as chattels.

God almighty sent Muhammad (pbuh) as the saviour of human beings from the clutches of ignorance and superstitious views. From his early childhood he earned the titles of Ameen and Sadique. In the holy text he was addressed as Supreme creation (Khulq e azeem) and Blessing for the entire humanity (Rehmatulil alameen).He was born pious and innocent and inspired even his worst enemies through his good bearings and attitude. The prophet (SAWS) was an embodiment of highest honesty and integrity as he was sent as harbinger of good news and fearer from the anger of Allah.

Islam is always fresh, wonderful and comprehensive and the more extensive is one’s insight, the more understands the comprehensiveness of Islam. As a matter of fact there is no end to the wonders and miracles of Islam. It is a reality that in the legislatives system of Islam, human nature which is the same at all time and all places, has been taken into consideration and positive answers have been given to natural human wants and needs. The comprehensiveness of the rules and precepts of Islam and the end of prophecy with the holy prophet of Islam has been clearly expressed in the Holy Quran.

As the words of your Lord have been accomplished truly and justly; there is none who can change His words and He is the Hearing and Knowing (al Quran, 6:115)

Also the holy text says: “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messengers of God and Last of all Prophets and God is cognizant of all things.” (33:40)

Therefore, human beings have no need for any other prophet, any other rules and regulations or any other school of thought because all they need is to be found in the Quran. There are so many documents and testimonies to the fact that the Prophet was the last of all prophets and in Islam this reality is considered as the foundation of Islamic Faith.

The Holy Prophet of Islam possessed the magnificent status of prophecy and Divine leadership, but his manners in dealing with the people and his way of life was so simple and gentle that when he was among the people and a newcomer wanted to know about him, he wanted to ask which one of you is the prophet? He had no love for luxuries and lust for the mortal world. He spoke in short and meaningful sentences and was never seen or heard to interrupt anybody speech.

The prophet of Islam never cared to sit down in the seat of honour in gatherings and in the case of entering sit down first any place available. He did not let anybody stand up before him and treated other respectfully .Of course the virtuous people were most revered by him. He invariably stood to his words and pledges. He paid affectionate visits to his relatives and friends but would never take their side unduly. He never permitted others to backbite others. His modesty was peerless .He was extremely patient, tolerant and forgiving.

The holy prophet of Islam never attempted to retaliate against the insult and disrespect of anybody and forgive people’s mistakes or their misconduct. His reaction to the torment and disregard of the ignorant people was forgiveness and tolerance. The prophet of Islam had great love for the ritual prayers so during the night he would get up several times, brush his teeth, and then offer the most devoted prayers. He would stand worshipping God and talking sincerely the Creator for so long that as a result of so much standing in prayer, his legs were swollen.

He was so pious and devout that not for a single moment was he enchanted by any luxury or pleasure of this mortal world. In short the Prophet of Islam was a perfect model of excellence virtuous and sublime human qualities. God glorifies the holy Prophet in such words;

Certainly you have in apostle of God an excellent exemplar for he who hopes in God and the latter Day and remember God much. (33:21).

May God’s greetings be upon him who was the selected superior and the best of pious human being. And the greetings of the angels upon the faithful.


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