Court orders reopening of Langlands School and College

CHITRAL: Senior civil judge Chitral Muhammad Irfan on Monday ordered immediate reopening of Langlands School and College.

The court issued the order on an application filed by parents and students through Abdul Wali Khan Advocate.

The school remains closed on the direction of its British principal since Oct 9 after teachers and other staff launched a protest demanding her removal.

According to the court order, available with ChitralToday, the defendant should reopen the school and restrain from disrupting the education of the students.

“It is alleged that since Oct 9, the defendants have closed the school without any justification and prior notice. As a result, the students and their parents are  suffering and education of the students is  badly affected,” said the order.

Meanwhile, hours after the court order, the Langlands School and College in its Facebook page announced: “The Langlands School and College first school (Singoor) will reopen on Tuesday 15th October. This section consists of Nursery to Class 4.

The senior schools (boys and girls)  will be opened as soon as possible.”

This clearly showed that the school management is not ready to follow the court direction to immediately reopen the school as a whole.


3 Replies to “Court orders reopening of Langlands School and College”

  1. I think it was important for the court to pause and see if it had the authority to interfere in the working of a private school. There is a private school regulating authority which is under the law responsible for this. The Peshawar High Court has only recently given a decision to make this clear. Despite this a leading lawyer of Chitral goes to a court and gets an order to open the School. Opening the School should be a decision of the parents and the Principal and not of unauthorised people exercising bullying power. If the other party now takes the matter to the court this will be an unending battle in which the children will be the main losers. How is it that in a district where the basic needs of the people are not met the greatest drama in town is school and its foreign principal and the actors all of a political party.

  2. Good decision.This mafia should be taught a bityer lesson.Be ready we are always on the side of positive teachers,who have been fighting for their constitutional rights.

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