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Member of foreign expedition trapped on Khoyo Zom

ISLAMABAD: One of the members of a British expedition team to Khoyo Zom in Yarkhun valley of Upper Chitral has fallen from the height of 30 metres on the mountain and a military rescue team failed to retrieve him on Sunday, sources told ChitralToday.

Two other members of the expedition were picked by the rescue helicopters and flown to Peshawar, said the sources. However, the choppers could not reach the trapped mountaineer due to bad weather.

He is said to have fallen from a 30-metre height in the mountain. Another member of the expedition along with local people are at the site with the mountaineer.

The rescue mission would again try to reach and retrieve the mountaineer on Monday, said the sources.

The British team had left Islamabad on the expedition of Khoyo Zom the in Upper Chitral on Sept 3.

This was the only foreign expedition to Chitral after many years which was made possible due to the efforts of Shahzada Maqsoodul Mulk, the president of Pakistan Association of Tour Operations (PATO).


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