Teenage female student commits suicide in Ayun

CHITRAL: A 15-year-old female madrassah student ended her life by hanging over a petty domestic issue in Sehen locality of Ayun, local people told ChitralToday.

Safdar Wali Shah, the father of the girl, had gone to Saudi Arabia for work a week ago. Locals said the teenage girl had an argument with her younger brother over use of their mother’s mobile phone. The mother taunted the girl and along with other women went to meet relatives who had returned from Haj.

As the brother remained busy in playing games on the phone, the girl went into a storeroom and hanged herself. The brother remained engrossed in playing games on the mobile and there was no one else in the house to notice the disappearance of the girl.

After some time, a woman from the neighbourhood came to the house and after asking about the girl found her hanging in the store.

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Local police said the body was the girl was taken to the District Headquarters Hospital Chitral and after a postmortem handed over to the relatives for burial.

It may be noted that in the recent years, the ratio of suicide among young people has increased but no steps have been taken by the government to check the trend.


Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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