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Booni residents repair road on self-help basis

BOONI: The repair of the Booni bridge to Booni bazaar section of the only road linking Booni with other parts of Chitral was completed by the local people on a self-help basis on Sunday.

This was the sixth repair of the road by the local people putting the government as well as elected representatives to shame for their failure to construct the road despite repeated demands and appeals.

After the government showed its callousness, the civil society of Booni a few days ago decided to rebuild the road on their own.

The road was presenting a picture of a ruin due to non-repair for years. Three years ago, tenders had been floated for the construction of the road and drainage along it but due to non-payment of compensation to people whose land was to be affected the project could not be launched.

As a result, the condition of the road became dilapidated and water running into it from nearby houses further damaged it. A bus carrying about 70 schoolgirls recently escaped an accident after the road caved in under its wheel. But even then the government department did not move to reconstruct the road or at least fill the potholes with soil etc.

The people of Booni demanded that the government should take the public issue seriously otherwise they would be forced to take to the streets.


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