Separate transformer installed for Upper Chitral

CHITRAL: A separate seven megawatt capacity transformer was on Wednesday installed at Jutilasht grid station to ensure uninterrupted power supply to Upper Chitral.

From July 12, five megawatt will be transmitted through this transformer to Upper Chitral, an official told ChitralToday.

The new transformer arrived in Chitral from Lahore a day earlier.

A leader of Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam said with the installation of the separate transformer power crisis in Upper Chitral would hopefully be resolved for good.

He said the contractor, Engineer Fazle Rabbi, arranged the transformer even  before the government paid him the cost.

Upper Chitral is faced with power crisis since the destruction in floods of the Reshun powerhouse in the 2015 floods.

Though there is surplus electricity after completion of Golen Gol powerhouse, poor transmission lines and lack of a separate transformer were being cited as a reason for loadshedding in Upper Chitral.

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