Women protesters block main road at Drosh Chowk


DROSH: A large number of women from Wardap village on Thursday morning blocked the Chitral-Dir road by staging a sit-in at Drosh Chowk against unavailability of electricity and water in their village.

The burqa-clad women refused to leave the road after local administration officials tried to persuade them.

About three months ago, people from the village had also launched a protest against non-supply of power and water to their area. However, they had ended the protest after local administration and ruling PTI officials assured them that their area would be connected with the power supply line.

The residents of the village located in front of Drosh across the river complained that even in the modern world they were deprived of the basic requirements of life.

The women from the village today said they would not end their protest unless their village was provided electricity and water. They said the government did not fulfil its promise earlier made with the people of the village.

Meanwhile, traffic on the busy road was blocked and hundreds of passengers going to Chitral town and other parts of the country remained stranded on both sides.–Jahan Zeb Rahi

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