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While at Shandur, take care of eco-system; do not scare away wildlife

I am very much thankful to the government of Pakistan for continuously making efforts to make Shandur festival possible. Like every year, we are delighted to host people from around the globe this year as well.

Shandur is a place which is situated at the highest peak of the world and has one of the beautiful polo grounds rich with eco-system, where every sort of games is played of which free style polo game is very much known.

The ecosystem includes snow leopard, brown bear, yak, strong eagles flying up high and a lot of little birds adding to the beauty of this place. The view at Shandur in itself is a natural National Park.

Though this festival is a reason of happiness for most of us human beings but unless we  look after the God gifted natural lives residing there it would be an unethical behavior.

However, the sad news is , every year after the festival the ecosystem at Shandur is being badly affected.  For example, firework which is considered as one of the biggest crimes (especially at Shandur) takes place with full zeal during the Shandur festival, scares poor animals to death, and  is very much unfriendly for snow leopards, brown bear and all kind of wild life.

Likewise, all kind of unnecessary rappers, garbage, and shopping bags  cover the clean water and the green grass at Shandur after the festival comes to end. This is very unfortunate and very much heartbreaking and not nature friendly at all.

I am an eye witness to two horses running away from the ground due to fireworks and never returned back. Fire work is not in our culture and I don’t understand that despite having severe effects why this thing is celebrated with zeal.

Cultural behaviors which include respecting seniors unfortunately aren’t seen at the event any more.

This place especially during Shandur festival is a hub of business for the locals. This could be turned into an opportunity therefore, it is requested that instead of taking advantage of one day if in a long run idea are discussed to take care of Shandur it will have a great benefit for the locals.

We are fortunate to have a prime minister who is a visionary man, an environmentally friendly person advocating clean and green Pakistan with his eco-friendly policies tries to protect beauty of the nature.

Therefore, as chairman CHEPS, today, here I am with an appeal to the prime minister, environment and tourism minister KP and GB minister  to make necessary arrangements so as to protect natural life from being harmed.

I also at the same time request DC Chitral, commandant, SP, civil society and media of Chitral and those expecting to visit Shandur this year to take care of this place so that we don’t run out of `of natural beauty of Shandur.


Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost

Chairman CHEPS.

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    قدرتی ماحولیات کو تباہی سے بچایا جائے۔ فیسٹیول کے نام پر وائلڈ لائف کو نقصان پہنچانا سنگین جرم یے

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