Five blissful ways to celebrate Eid

By Syed Tahir Ali Shah
Eid means happiness and celebration. Eid teaches you to laugh and love ‘Eid al-Fitr is a holy celebration for Muslims all over the world which Allah bestowed on us for the sake of our fasting and parsing Allah almighty.

It is also called ‘’festival of braking fast’ ’Muslim get amazed this festival on the first day of shawal (an Islamic month) . The holy day of eid not only includes prayers and sadaqa towards the needy peoples, but it is also brings happiness and celebration with our loves one.

1 Wake up with a good intention

Remember all the actions are judged by intention. At the end of Ramadan every one patiently waits for ‘Eid day. All people and children wake up early in the morning and then follow the Sunnah of prophet in every step of day.

First they take bath ,it is mustahab and strongly recommended and ware new clothes, men are encourage to use nice fragrance while ladies can beautify themselves with lot of makeup and Jewelries.

And if someone can’t effort new clothes, then no matter they should wear the old clothes available to them do all these for the sake of Allah and they will be rewarded after life.

2 Decorate your house

Decorating the house plays an important role in completing the essence of Eid. The beauty of the house attracts every guest and that joy will bring eternal happiness .Paint your walls with light colors and it will attract the people and put a joyful impression with an essence of Eid itself.

Buy Eid cards and decorate it all over the places. If someone is not able to buy such things then there are many ways to make such items at home by hands. For this purpose you can watch DIY tutorials which give you creative ideas to make beautiful cards. This will be delightful and charming.

3 Attend Eid prayer

‘Eid prayer is obligatory for all the Muslim around the world. Imam holds a special ‘Eid prayer in the early morning on the holy day usually in Mosque or large stadium. Every one attends the Eid prayer especially men.

Eid prayer consists of two rakats with six takbeers (wajib). After ‘Eid prayer has been completed Imam Delivers a special khutba. And it is also Sunnah to take two different roots, one you way to ‘Eid prayer and the come back to home.

4 Enjoy yummy foods

Muslims are not allowed to take fast on this especial occasion. It is Sunnah to break their fast early in the morning before you attend ‘Eid prayer. ’Prophet [PBUH] did not go (the place of prayer) in the morning the days of Eid-al-fitr till he ate some dates, and he used to eat an odd number’’-(sahih-al-bukhari).

Usually, people prefer to cook special food for their guest and celebrate this occasion with their loves one. Mostly people loved to cook traditional foods such as GHALMANDI, CHEERA SHAPIK, CHEERGRINGH, BIRYANI, NEHARI, HALWA, SEWEYAN, FALOODA and much more delicious food.

5 Give Sadaqa and gifts

Another important thing is to visit your loved ones. Literally everything which is given to others is sadaqa. It may be a Smile, gift or happiness. ‘Eid is a name of happiness; it’s a time to pardon and to spread happiness all over the world .In ‘Eid everyone should have kept this in his mind that he has to look those people who are poor. Wealthier has to help needy people.

Those people who have some new cloths must make it sure that his neighbor also has some new cloths if not then they have to arrange some new cloths for their poor neighbor.

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