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Mobile phones and health hazards

By Saifuddin
In today’s modern era cell phones have become a necessity for many rather than a luxury. The ability of mobile phone to keep us in touch with friends and family, business associates and accessing emails and other data within no time are few of the many reasons for increasing importance of mobile phones.
We can say that it has become elementary part of our life and most important medium of communication in this era. Advancement in technology has provided a lot of ease and comfort to the people but there are various unavoidable factors associated with these technical and communication devices.
One of these factors which is of major concern today is the electromagnetic radiations, which is used in cell phone and other wireless devices for signal transmission. Many research studies have illustrated that electromagnetic radiations (EMR) have harmful effect on health, development, immune system, growth, skin and brain.
The hazards due to EMR have been broadly divided into thermal health hazards and non-thermal health hazards.
We are not going into details of what these are. The thermal effect increases the body temperature and may damage nerve fibre and non-thermal effect creates health problems such as headache and brain tumours etc.
Secondly, mobile phones are the key source of radio frequency radiations (RF).The operating frequencies of cell phone radiations ranges between 800 and 1900 Mhz. Exposures to these RF cause effect on biological system.
Epidemiological studies have proposed that the cell phone usage may cause decrease in sperm parameter. Hence, it also causes infertility. The above mentioned are few of the many health hazards that mobile phone causes. We can’t keep ourselves completely cut off from modern technology but we can minimize the use of it.
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