Minority MPA’s interference in govt depts will spoil peace, say MMA lawmakers

PESHAWAR: The two lawmakers from Chitral on Monday called upon the KP government to suspend the district education officer (male) of Chitral and hold an impartial inquiry into irregularities in the hiring of class IV employees in government schools in the district.
MNA Molana Abdul Akbar and MPA Molana Hidayatur Rahman at a press conference here claimed that interference by minority MPA Wazirzada in government departments was creating tension among the employees and would also spoil peace in the district.
The elected representatives of the MMA said the interference of the minority member of KP assembly in affairs of the departments in Chitral would no longer be tolerated.
Molana Chitrali specifically said the interference of the minority MPA in local affairs will not be acceptable for the Sunni Muslims and could lead to tension with the peaceful Kalash tribe to which Wazirzada belongs.
He also said despite instructions by the chief minister, elected representatives were not taken on board in appointment of Class IV staff in Chitral. Even the right to low level jobs of those on whose lands the schools were built landowners was violated by accommodating people of other areas on political ground, they alleged.
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People living near the schools were also ignored and 58 Class IV vacancies were filled by people from other areas purely on political ground, the lawmakers added.
The lawmakers said the DEO made all these appointments without consulting the selection committee for which the chief minister was also responsible.
They said the government also made a drama by transferring and reappointing the DEO on the post a few days before the hiring of the Class IV employees.

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