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India-Pakistan on the horn of a dilemma

By Shahnaz Bibi

We cannot ignore the fact that peace is the inevitable desire and need of human being. The holocaust of war tarnished the scintillating colors of human civilization. Peace and progress are inter-locked in virtuous spiral, if peace is promoted it gravitates towards prosperity.
Regional stability has become cry of the day but unfortunately India and Pakistan are incessantly at loggerhead which fosters socio-political and economic instability in this region. The prolonged era of conflict witnessed consecutive wars. Both nations are floundering in the quagmire of allegations and counter allegations. India brazenly calls Pakistan a terrorist harboring state. India stretched its malicious support to the fan the flame of a separatist movement inside Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan and Kashmir.
Afghanistan and India have cordial relations and both are indulged in diffusion of anti-Pakistan sentiment in the entire region. The so-called secular state showed its heinous color under the insular and narrow-minded idiosyncrasies of Modi government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan adopted a pragmatic approach and lenient policy towards India, and in his maiden speech invited India for a composite dialogue and negotiation for peaceful co-existent.  India always hoisted the red flag whether it may be Pathankot attack, Uri attack or attack on parliament, the shadow of terrorism hanging over Pakistan like sword of Damocles.
The recent Pulwama suicide attack produced perplexities and aggravated the circumstances. The Indian government was already aggressive over the arrest of its spy Kulboshen Jadew. It became an eyesore to India and its government and extremist parties were seeking an opportunity against Pakistan. India is victim of narcism, considers itself as a super power and opines that the whole world is in its oyster. But is lost in the abyss of nuclear warfare and indulged in rat-race of nuclear proliferation. India looks down upon Pakistan as an economically toothless state, harboring terrorist groups and cross boarder proliferation of terrorism. India superficially claimed to be an economic giant and secular democracy but poverty prevailed in India with high magnitude, fundamental rights are not secured, people are forced to prostitution and rapes are rampant and religious tolerance is zero.
The India government should cleanse the Augean Stable of the governance and make sure fundamental Rights and inculcate economic prosperity.
The Pulwama attack and the blatant allegation by India spoiled the situation and now both states seem to be ready to cross sword. Aggression leads to aggression which brings tornado of destruction for both nations. Blood and bullet is not solution, dialogue and negotiations are the only panacea to gulp down antagonism. Both states are nuclear powers so the clash of power degenerate the growth of society .Pakistan already lost huge resources and precious lives in war against Terror. Both state must bury the hatchet of abhorrence and hatred and hold the branch of olive for the stability of region. Today is the era of regionalism, and paradigm has rapidly shifted from single power to multipolarity of powers.

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  1. Saif says

    Mr. Modi has a history of manipulating elections through violence starting from Gujrat. This election year in India has made him realize that little he do to progress the country in his tenure; the only way he could think of getting sympathy votes, is by once again creating a chaos situation in the country fuelled by a huge media propaganda against Pakistan. The ongoing war mongering by Indian PM and his crony Chief of Army Staff is merely an election centric tactic which will eventually fail-hopefully. It would be total madness if India attacks Pakistan knowing the fact that we now have 144 or more nukes. We have one of the most advanced missile systems needed for a modern day warfare. We have Shaheens, We have Hatf, We have the intercontinental Ghouri; and now we are hearing about ABABEEL which even the radar cannot spot. The interesting thing in all this is that all these missiles can carry nukes. This means all major Indian cities will be within easy range. Can India take such a huge risk by attacking Pakistan even after knowing all this? I don’t think so. Apart from that the morale of the nation is high, we are all united should India attacks Pakistan,; it will not only be facing the armed forces; the whole nation will come out to defend the motherland. However, it is my wish and thousands of others’ too that peace prevails.

    Thank you ,

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