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Nazims want Shandur road clear of falling debris

CHITRAL: Nazims of Raman, Balim and Harchin villages of Laspur valley have demanded the government take special measures for keeping Mastuj-Shandur Road open.

The road is often blocked near Shahidas village due to frequent falling of rocks during the winter season.

Talking to media persons here, the nazims, including Mubarak Shah, Sher Azam and Punar Khan, said that the road not only connected the valley with other parts of the district, but also Chitral with Gilgit-Baltistan via Shandur Pass and its blockade had created problems for the local people and tourists.

They said that a big chunk of funds of the three village councils had been spent on removal of rocks from the road during past two months and they were no longer able to keep the road open as they had spent their funds.

They said that the road could be closed to traffic as well as pedestrians anytime due to falling rocks from the hill. They said that emergency measures should be taken to avert the impending trouble for 34,000 people of the valley.

The village nazims also proposed diversion of traffic to the road passing through Gasht and Raman villages on the other side of the river, which had been abandoned in 1990 after completion of the present road.–Dawn

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