Couple on honeymoon to Hunza found dead in hotel room

HUNZA: A CSS officer and her husband were found dead in their hotel room in Hunza early on Saturday.

The deaths were caused due to a gas leakage from a heater in their hotel room in the locality of Karimabad.
According to local police, Syed Shoaib Hassan and his wife Syeda Fatimee had come to Hunza for their honeymoon. The couple had married 10 days back in Islamabad.
Hassan was an engineer while his wife Syeda Fatimee a CSS-qualified officer and worked as director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad.
The owner of the hotel said as per hotel policy, the guests were asked to return the gas heater within two hours, however, despite asking twice the guests insisted on keeping the heater in the room.
The owner of the hotel along with a receptionist and a waiter have been arrested.–GBee News

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  1. May Allah Almighty bless their souls. There should be an awareness program launched in Chitral through district administration sources, mosques and jamat khanas particularly informing people about the hazards of using LPG gas for heating rooms at night specially.

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