Two PTI groups wrangle over posting of DHO

CHITRAL: The PTI activists are divided over the posting of Dr Iftikharuddin as the district health officer (DHO) of Chitral.

Dr Iftikharuddin was suspended as the medical superintendant of DHQ hospital last year after a video of the unloading of garbage and solid waste by a hospital ambulance went viral on social media.

The government posted him as the Chitral DHO on Friday replacing Dr Israrullah, who was made the head of the Drosh civil hospital.

A PTI source claimed that a splinter group had demanded the transfer of DHO Dr Israrullah for ignoring them during the filling of lower grade posts and transfers and postings in the last PTI government.

He said Dr Israrullah was removed many times in the past but the PTI group supporting him got the removal reversed.

Meanwhile, a PTI group on Saturday warned the authorities against withdrawing order for Dr Israrullah’s removal.

District president of Insaf Youth Wing Ziaur Rehman and other leaders told a news conference here on Saturday that Dr Israr was to blame for the deterioration of health services in the district during the last four years of his posting as the DHO.

When contacted, PTI district president Abdul Latif and MPA Wazirzada Kalash claimed that they had nothing to do with the transfer and posting of government officers.

Published in Dawn, October 7th, 2018

2 Replies to “Two PTI groups wrangle over posting of DHO”

  1. Political non-interference in functioning of government departments is the manifesto of PTI. If some workers are violating it, they should be brought to task otherwise PTI image will tarnish badly.

  2. Government officers are so vulnerable segment in the hand of political figures, if PTI is involved in the transfer of DHO, then it is a question mark on PTI Government transparency

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