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Rs0.5m spent on construction of Booni Lasht link road

BOONI: The union council (UC) Booni-II spent an amount of Rs0.5 million on the construction of a road from the local bazaar to Booni Lasht.

Rs0.5m spent on construction of Booni Lasht roadThe construction of the road will facilitate scores of families living in Booni Lasht who had no jeepable road to link with the main road in Booni bazaar.

Local residents told ChitralToday that the link road could not properly be constructed in the past as it had to pass through a portion of an agricultural field and its owner was not ready to sacrifice the land.

However, after the other residents compensated the owner by allotting him an alternative piece of land he agreed and the road construction got underway.

With the allocation of funds by the union council headed by Nazim Salamat Khan, the construction of the road was expedited and completed.

The residents of the area thanked the nazim Salamat Khan and UC member Rehmat Salam for taking an interest and allocating funds for the link road.

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