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Call to affiliate colleges with Chitral University

We students of Chitral are facing serious trouble due to access problem associated with Shahid Benazir Bhutto University Shiringal which is located at a distance of up to 150 km from Chitral.

At present Chitral University is also functional but our colleges are affiliated with SBBU: Shiringal Upper Dir, which results in serious problems for us.

The purpose of establishing the Chitral University was to provide university education to the students of Chitral at their doorsteps. Two years after the establishment of Chitral University the students still face the same problems.

We have to travel 150 km to SBBU at Shiringal to resolve our examination related and other issues which is economically as well as physically exhausting.

In this grim situation, we want to request the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice and issue an order that all the educational institutions of Chitral and especially government colleges may kindly be affiliated with Chitral University to resolve our serious access problem so that we will be able to have access to the university and resolve our examination and educational issues.

Abdul Majeed and other students

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  1. Zahiruddin, President, Chitral Press Club says

    @Wasimuddin: Every public sector university has its well defined geographical jurisdiction and there is no choice with a private or government college to decide on its affiliation with any other university without taking NOC from it. with the first day of the establishment of Chitral University,all the colleges have fallen to its jurisdiction automatically. It is an astonishment to see that why the university administration is showing laxity to establish its writ and the recalcitrant college(s) must be proceeded against and they stood de-affiliated with the university (ies) the day this university started functioning.

  2. wasim uddin says

    Chitral university has not been HEC reconized . Students don’t know this technical point. If a student received degree from a university or board from an institution which is not recognized by HEC,he/she can’t be able to apply for foreign scholarship or even for jobs in pakistan because mostly job advertisement asked for a degree from HEC recognized institution.

  3. Muhammad says

    It is the basic rights of students in Chitral to have access to their choice University which can fulfill their educational needs. Students should be facilitated and all the stakeholders should play their role to resolve this issue which is regarded big hurdle on the way of education in remote district of Chitral.

  4. Danish Ahmad says

    Government colleges are bound to get permission from directorate and higher authorities in case of affiliation with University. However private colleges can take decision in this regard independently. MNA and MPA should play their role in this particular situation because it causes serious hardships for students and all the educational institutions of Chitral should be affiliated with University of Chitral to resolve students issues on permanent basis.

    1. SHAMS says


  5. SHAMS says

    I think the Colleges themselves have option with which University they want to be affiliated.

  6. Ahmad Azam says

    Demand of the students is genuine and hopefully Honorable Chief Justice will take notice of the issue on the interest of students and education in Chitral. Chief Justice is the last ray of hope for the people of Pakistan, may he live long.

  7. Ahmad Azam says

    This is genuine demand of the students, having Chitral University students and colleges must be affiliated with this University. It is genuine demand of the students and hopefully Honorable Chief Justice will issue order in this regard.

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