PTI deplores JI for jumping into land dispute between two persons

CHITRAL: Local leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday deplored the Chitral chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) for jumping into a land dispute between two individuals and declaring police action on an FIR as highhandedness.
PTI deplores JI for jumping into land dispute between two persons

Speaking at a press conference, Altaf Gohar Advocate, Shujaur Rehman, Hayatur Rehman, Sajjad Ahmed, Amir Ali, Aminur Rehman, Nazir Ahmed and Raziuddin said the police acted in accordance with the law on an FIR registered against tehsil Chitral naib nazim, who is a local leader of the JI, but giving it a political colour by the local chapter of the religious party was deplorable.

It may be mentioned that tehsil Chitral naib nazim and local JI leader Khan Hayatullah Khan along with other JI leaders on Monday accused the police of raiding his house without any warrant and harassing his family members, including his sick mother, besides damaging his repute.

The PTI leaders on Tuesday said it was disappointing that a few local people associated with the JI had tried to use the platform of their party to pressure the police and tarnish the image of the PTI government. They said the provincial and central leadership of the JI should take action against the local party leaders and ensure that the police and other government departments worked without any interference from any party.

They also called upon the local police not to come under any political pressure and conclude the case in accordance with the law so no injustice was done to any one.
In reply to a question, the PTI leaders said the complainant, Khan Hayatullah Khan, had the option to approach court against any grievance regarding the police. –Nazir Hussain Shah

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  1. This is not a case of land dispute. it is a case of person A intruding into the property of person B and taking away his belongings (construction material) in broad daylight. Person B registers an FIR against person A for Burglary and person A continues dodging the police while continuing his intrusion into the property of person B on daily basis. After several FIRs being launched and duly investigated and confirmed person B is arrested. Simple as that. It is a simple case of arrest of burglar(s).

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