Peace body concerned over water & power issues

CHITRAL: Members of the district peace committee at a meeting highlighted the problems being faced by the people in the sectors of electricity, drinking and irrigation water supply and others.

The participants of the meeting, which was chaired by DC Khurshid Alam, noted that there was no threat to peace in the district but issues in effective service delivery could provoke the people to agitate.
Drawn from different areas of the district, including Kalash valleys, the committee provides a platform to ponder over the potential risks for peace and communal harmony and the ways to remove them.

The members criticized the power distribution companies, including Peshawar Electric Supply Company and Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organisation, for loadshedding despite availability of electricity from Golen Gol hydropower station.

They alleged that Pesco was sending inflated power bills to the consumers, which could force them to take to the streets. They asked the government to rectify the situation.

They said due to scanty rainfall in Chitral valley this year the people across the district had been facing acute shortage of water both for drinking and irrigation purposes.

They criticized the irrigation and public health engineering departments for their failure to complete the development project timely and ensure maintenance of the existing ones.–Dawn

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