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PPP Chitral observes black day

CHITRAL: The PPP Chitral chapter on Thursday observed black day to commemorate the toppling of its government and imposition of martial law by Gen Ziaul Haq 41 years ago.

PPP black day on July 5.In this regard, a gathering of the PPP workers was held in which they were wearing black arm bands and said July 5th would always be remembered as a black day.

Speakers on the occasion said the nation is still facing the consequences of the illegal step taken by the military dictator on July 5, 1977, that put the country on the path of regress.

They said the democratic government of the prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was topped by the dictator under an international conspiracy. As a result of this, the country was pushed into a political and economic quagmire. –Syed Nazir Hussain Shah

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