Musharraf asks Chitralis to once again vote for his candidates

ISLAMABAD: Former president Pervez Musharraf on Friday called upon the people of Chitral to once again vote for his party candidates in the forthcoming election.

In a video message uploaded in social media, Musharraf while addressing the people of Chitral said he had always have special regard and love for the people of Chitral and in return they also reciprocated in the same manner.  He said when he was in power he always kept the needs and issues of Chitral in his priority and tried to get them resolved.
“In return you people always gave me love and trust for which I am thankful to you and also proud of it.”
Musharraf said in 2013 he wanted to take part in elections, especially from Chitral, because I was sure that I would get support from the area. But, unfortunately, due to political vendetta I was kept out of the elections. “Despite this, on my request, you voted my candidate ie Mr Iftikhar and elected him.”
The former military ruler then spoke about the projects he had launched in Chitral when he was in power, including roads, powerhouses and most importantly the mega Lowari Tunnel for the development of Chitral and welfare of its people.
“In the forthcoming elections too, I had planned to contest from Chitral and my nomination papers had been filed for the NA seat but once again I was not allowed to return to the country after leveling different allegations against me that are all political. I will inform you some time in future about the reasons for all these allegations.”
He added: “Today, I have come to you not to give you anything but to seek something from you. I want your support for my candidate and the candidate who will be contesting for the PK seat. My candidate is Amjad, Dr Amjad sb, who was the secretary general of my party and now is its chairman as I have relinquished the post. But I am with him and with the APML and will remain in the party as well as in politics.”
Musharraf said Mr Amjad and Sohrab Khan were his nominees for NA-1 and PK-1. He said Dr Amjad would be much better compared to all other candidates and if elected he would be working for the betterment of the people of Chitral and he (Musharraf) would be watching him.
Musharraf said if he got a chance he would return to the country and Dr Amjad would vacate the Chitral seat for him.
He also said the APML had nominated its candidates in 60 constituencies across the country and they would at least show the power and presence of the party in the elections.

6 Replies to “Musharraf asks Chitralis to once again vote for his candidates”

  1. Musharaf should not go so low when he knows that his party will no seat without his presence in country. I don’t know why he is appealing to people to vote for a man from Punjab. Dictators have no political future as we have seen in the past.

  2. Mr dowlat khan,tell me Why PPP stil using Butto’s name whos died more than 40years ago and would you like to tell me that what he did for for chitral?also if you remember that PPP nominated one person from sindh his name was Pyar Ali Alana.that time no one ask nothing from PPP’s leadership. Musharaf did alot of thing for the chitral oky. dont forget how we were living before laweri tunnel and specially from Septerber to May waiting for the flight and the scary journey via afghanistan. yea you are right that he never spent any penny from his pocket but in last 60years alot Govt changed, would you like tell me that PPP,PMLN,MMA or your favorite PTI leadership spent any penny from their pocket? i think Mr Amjad is much better than any corrupt politician in chitral,you know better what i know what,dont forget what ever nawaz sharif said to chitralis in the pologround(chitrlio 100 coror zyada hota ya ek arab) how he insulted chitralis.that time no one stand up and say some thing to Ganja.what ever pervez khattak made fool upper chitral as a fack declared upper chitral as a district, and dont forget PPP allocated lawari tunnel to multan. only mohsin e chitral musharaf is the person that what ever he promised with chitralis he did that.

  3. Chitral is not your father’s property and no one had right to take it for granted.your political party has no future and why Chitralis will go after you.there were so many brilliant candidates from Chitral better than any doctors, poilets, engineer, lawyer,army officers etc. We respect you and we did and will do but never think we are for sale . God bless you.give respect and expect respect.

    1. Bibi where I mentioned or gave an example of PPP or PML-N or PTI? I just say enough is enough and nobody should take us for granted. I never supported PPP when it brought an outsider and we did not vote for him. How do you presume that I am a PTI supporter? Did you read my comment? I think you have some language problem. I appreciate your blind support for Musharraf. But if I accept your logic for supporting Musharraf, I have to wait for July 25th to see how popular he is.

  4. Well said Dowlat Sahib. Chitralis are not so cheap a commodity to take them for granted. We obliged you once. That’s enough.

  5. Musharraf and his man from Islamabad seem to have taken Chitralis for granted. It is not a coalmine from where you can fetch diamond when you run out of penny. Last time we voted your man from Chitral but then both you and your man were nowhere to be seen when we were in need. There should be some semblance of decency and respect for local values and when this election is near you stands up and start saying I did this and I did this for you and you love me and I love you. I made tunnel and witnessed polo at Shandur so vote for my man from Islamabad. But why? You made the tunnel from our personal kitty or what you want to say, man? You want to say that you have bought the Chitralis or the people of Chitral are so naive to be carried out by your man’s antics??
    Power hungry man from Islamabad could not get ticket from any party even after approaching the PTI and considered Chitral a Godsend opportunity to reach assembly. Why your party did not give the ticket to any Chitrali, is there no one to contest and gather votes on their own and under platform of your party.
    My question to you Musharraf, is you remained president or Pakistan and chief of the army so why you are again and again trying for one seat. What will you do if we again give you even both the seats? You are not ready to come but ask us to vote for your man from Islamabad, wah je wah.

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