List of candidates along with symbols issued

CHITRAL: The following is the final list of candidates for NA-1 and PK-1 along with their election symbols obtained by ChitralToday on June 30.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) received the list of candidates after scrutiny of papers was completed and some candidates withdrew their nominations. The list was finalized and provided to the ECP office by the returning officers.List of candidates along with symbols for elections 2018 List of candidates along with symbols for elections 2018 List of candidates along with symbols for elections 2018

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  1. Look at this medic who is called “kukri” in political and media circles in Islamabad due to his poultry farm business. He is renowned doctor. His only fame is his “chickens or kuker” which he sells and is enjoying quite a wealthy lifestyle. The tile of the doctor with his name is just a futile thing which, like the titles we often use for fake pirs, compounders, etc. in Chitral.
    Now, the commando has fielded him to contest elections from Chitral. And the reason is: Musharraf thinks Chitralis are MOST STUPID people in planet earth. If this kukri had been so popular he would have won polls from Islamabad where he owns business, houses and property. How can this kukri represent people of Chitral when he has zero chances of winning the polls from a city where he was born. A one-time MNA when Musharraf rigged the polls in 2002 must stop building castles in the air that get would get any vote from Chitral using Musharraf’s name.
    People should welcome these opportunist mafia bent upon befooling Chitral with tomatoes and rotten eggs because this man is not a worth calling a leader. He is chamcha of Musharraf and that’s his only identity like Reham Khan whose only fame is that she is Imran Khan’s former wife. Given all this if anyone in Chitral is going to vote for him, I have nothing to say except: “Pheru xhibor, qon xhibor”. If I were you I would have voted for Shoshpa Ugh but NOT this kukri. So be careful while voting this time around as Musharraf’s candidate does not deserve any mercy and sympathy.

    1. Mr. Abraham, I am agreed with you in the view that a man from Islamabad should not have been marked for Chitral because there might be at least able people for contest there in Chitral. Mr. Amir ul Hasanat and Sultan Wazir were to be contested here, never mind even if they win or lose but that would have strengthen the foundation of the party. The foundation of the party and the loyalty of Chitralis has been shaken by the negative aspect that sons of Mohiuddin turned against APML looking into to the tide.
      The thing that you have mentioned as Kukri or veterinary doctor to be looked down upon is disgusting. Men have professions and a labourer or a cart driver is as a human as a landlord or a governor. Especially, in Chitral looking down upon some body for his poverty or minor duty is common so much as there you will find thousands of young men jobless wandering with most edict to drugs while all their labour and important businesses are occupied by outsiders.

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