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Fouzia files Rs500m defamation suit against Imran

PESHAWAR: Former MPA Fouzia Bibi from Chitral has filed Rs500 million defamation suit against PTI chief Imran Khan for accusing her of taking money during Senate polls.
Fouzia filed defamation suit against imran khanThe suit served under section 4 and 9 of Defamation Ordinance 2002 through her legal counsel Advocate Syed Ghufran Ullah Shah prayed that the court may order recovery of Rs 0.5 billion as damages for defamation.

It said that Fouzia belongs to a very respectable family and well known in district Chitral and possess unblemished past record and had served political position from 2013 to 2018, where she was assigned with the responsibility of Parliamentary Secretary for tourism.

Ms Fauzia said that being parliamentary secretary her performance was appreciated and acknowledged by international and national stakeholders.

She maintained that she cast her vote in favour of PTI candidates in Senate elections as part of her religious, moral and constitutional obligation, but after Senate polls Imran Khan Niazi started uttering, spreading and resorting to malicious baseless and unfounded allegation of horse trading accusing her of selling her vote for money which was broadcast on all media channels.

She said in response to the allegation and show cause notice served to her she requested for an inquiry against her, personal hearing to confront with all material or witnesses produced against her but Imran Khan failed to constitute or conduct an inquiry and even could not show any proof of information supporting his defamatory statement.

She said that Imran Khan had destroyed her person and personality and committed political assassination of her and she served a notice upon Imran Khan under section 8 of the defamation ordinance 2002, but he failed to comply with the notice within the statutory time hence she had filed the defamation suit.

She prayed that the court may provide her justice and accept recovery of 0.5 billion from Imran Khan under sections 4 and 9 of the defamation ordinance 2002.

It is to mention here that PTI’s two MPAs from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had also served legal notice of Rs one billion to PTI chairman Imran Khan for alleging them of taking money during senate polls.

The notice was served by Yasin Khalil and Qurban Ali under section 8 of Defamation Ordinance 2002 through their legal counsel Advocate Danish Afridi, Barrister Mian Tajammul Shah and Khalid Ali Khan asked Imran Khan to tender apology over his allegations of horse trading and selling vote against Rs40 million against the two MPAs.–Published in Daily Pakistan

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  1. Chitralis says

    Now she is trained and experienced money maker, and she knows how to make money from through proper channel. she earned a lot so will spend some on lawyers.

  2. Ayeza Kashi (Islamabad) says

    dear editor,
    through this online service i would like to ask one question to PMLN and PTI leadership that they both choose their candidates from lower chitral. what they are thinking that upper chitral has no suitable candidate for PA-1 or NA-1? i think we have much better and suitable candidates than what ever they choose. in PMLN we syed ahmad lal from torkhow and Advocate Hakim Ali from booni and in PTI we have Rehmat ghazi (cheif)from charun and sher wali khan aseer from (bang)mastuj. im not supporter any of this two parties im only supporter only mohsin e chitral PM.but people from upper chitral must think in this matter.

  3. Abdullah says

    یہ ڈکاریں چار کروڑ روپے ہضم کرنے کیلئے ماری جا رہی ہیں 😉

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