Maulana Chitral files nominations for both seats of Chitral

CHITRAL: Former MNA and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Maulana Abdul Akbar on Thursday filed nomination papers for both the provincial and national assembly seats of Chitral.
Maulana Chitral files nominations for both seats of Chitral

As the grouping in his party over the choice of candidates and contesting the elections under the platform of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) intensified, he seemed ready to compromise on the possibility of running for the PK-1 seat.

The district Shura of the JI has already backed district nazim Maghfirat Shah but Maulana Akbar contended that the district Shura cannot nominate or reject the candidature of anyone as the final authority rested with the central leadership of the JI.

He said both JI chief Sirajul Haq and provincial head of the party Mushtaq Ahmed had directed him to file nomination papers for the NA seat but workers and leaders in Chitral wanted him to contest for the PK-1 seat. He said respecting the aspirations of the central leadership and the local workers he had filed nominations for both the seats. He said he would try his level best to persuade the MMA and run for the provincial assembly seat.

He said as a political worker, he would abide by the directions of the party high command if he was asked to withdraw or contest for the provincial assembly seat. He claimed that 99pc members of the central leadership and Shura had backed his nomination.
He said he would be going to the voters on the basis of his past performance, adding he never committed any corruption and worked for the development of Chitral. –S. Nazir Hussain

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  1. If you think Musharraf is out and Maulana Chitrali is in, just wait for July 25 evening when you realise who is gone and whon is in. If you think Adiala jail is meant for Musharraf, just recall when the protesting “black coats” were beaten black and blue outiside Pindi kutchery in which a good number of Chitralis also participated. If you think Chitrali had contribution for the uplift of Chitral, don’t forget it is this hot-headed commando who opened the Lowari tunnel. If this is not enough to satisfy your inflated ego, just recall when the then PPP govt (2008-2013) halted work on the tunnel. If you are not satisfied still, just remember Saleem Khan, then a provincial minister, avoiding people due to embarassement as he had no capacity to talk to his leadership as he was given the portfolio on the recommendation of an Ismaili businessman based in Islamabad. To refresh your mind a bit, I would suggest you not to forget the months long wait in dirty hotels of Qisa Khawani bazar with patients and some even with dead bodies. Wish if your beloved cleric Abdul Akbar could have staged a hunger strike to press the then governments for construction of Lowari tunnel. Even if you are not convinced, recall the acute shortage of edible items in Chitral.

    FOOTNOTE: I am not a supporter of Gen Musharraf’s candidates as they all are so anxiously waiting to exploit poor Chitralis using the name of Gen Musharraf like Iftikharuddin and his father. The people of Chitral must not vote for any APML candidate or else be ready to befooled for complete five years like you in the case of Iftikhar. I also acknowledge that Musharraf has no political future but the people of Chitral, I am sure, must return the favour, by voting for him if decides to contest election from NA-1. Also the people of Chitral should take him to Lowari tunnel, throw out the signboard of Nawaz Sharif into Darum Goa, and put on a new signboard that the tunnel was inaugurated by Gen Musharraf. He is saviour of Chitral and no one else.

    1. beating black coats and white coats is your leader’s only quality to seek votes but people will never give him any vote. If he is so brave why he ran away from Pakistan and why he not appeared before any court. What PPP and other leaders did in past does not qualify Musharraf to seek votes. He is a dictator and trying to befool people of Chitral after he was rejected all over Pakistan.
      Today I will give you in writing and remember this that Musharraf will never come to Pakistan as he saw his worth in 2013. After landing at karachi he got no one to receive him and trapped himself badly. Why chitralis should vote for him. We should vote our own people whether bad or good.

  2. My dear Maulana,

    Don’t be excited because this time around the victory is not yours. Not yours means, you are not gonna get votes as 99 percent JI voters (your sole voters) have rejected you. Besides, the commando, the general, has started packing after the apex court allowed him to file his nomination papers. And with submission of his nomination papers, his victory from NA-1 (Chitral) is a “DONE DEAL”. It will not make any difference whether you protest, blackmail, exploit or get a stay order from the court to bar his entry from contesting elections from Chitral. Besides, you have already lost battle by submitting your nomination papers without taking your own party leadership into confidence. The local leadership of the party has started working against you. And rightly so, as your action and the haste in filing the nomination papers for both national and provincial assembly seats has stamped their claim: Maulana Chitrali has nothing to do with serving masses and what he wants is to be in power corridors. So dear Maulana, better don’t waste your resources in electioneering.

    1. Musharraf is gone politically and there is no vote for him in any part of the country If he returns his destination is Adiala jail in Rawalpindi where he will rot. He is a dictator and sold the country’s interest and has already been declared an absconder. also facing treason case. supporting such a man is a joke with fundamentals of democracy and I would vote 100 times for maualana abdul akbar against musharraf. he is the right person and worked hard and raised voice when he was MNA. He never did any corruption and worked for Chitarlis without any difference. I appeal to jamat islami people in Chitral to end their differences and bring abdul akbar and am 100 pc sure he will win election for National Assembly. Jeay maulana saheb.

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