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TMA swings into action to improve slaughterhouse

CHITRAL: On the directions of Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar, the TMA staff cleaned the slaughterhouse located near the district jail in Denin on Monday.

A report published in ChitralToday on April 22 stated that foul smell emanating from the slaughterhouse maintained by the Tehsil Municipal Corporation (TMA) had made lives of nearby people and shopkeepers miserable.

A delegation of local traders led by its president appealed to the district admin to improve the condition of the slaughterhouse.

The local people had also demanded that the district administration should take prompt steps to improve condition of the abattoir so that it can provide hygienic meat to the citizens. 

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  1. Brig (R) Khush Muhammad Khan says

    Much appreciated work done by Deputy Commissioner Chitral and the administration. There are yet two other serious issues in Chitral, which need attention of the Deputy Commissioner. Firstly, the poultry shops have spread all along the bazaar, making the entire old bazaar, bypass road area and Goldur Chowk highly unhygienic,emanating foul smell throughout. It will be a great service if all poultry shops are shifted outside the bazaar, thus making the Chitral bazaar a worth visiting place. Secondly, everywhere in Pakistan poultry is sold by weight whereas in Chitral this legal practice is not in place. The public is literally being looted by selling a small size chicken as high as for Rs.350/- or so. It will be in the public interest if Govt instructions on ensuring the weight are implemented in Chitral as well.

  2. Gul Hamaad Farooqi says

    its credit goes to president Trade Union Shabir Ahmad

  3. Shah Karez says

    Thank you our respected Deputy Commissioner for this act of kindness. The citizens expect much more from a person of your ilk. The cleaning on regular basis may prove to be hygienic for the neighbourhood but still it is not the permanent solution since the river water is affected by affluent. This is not a single case there are many washrooms along the river outflowing into the river. We know this is an uphill task but we will not find another empathetic person to follow up on this important matter.

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