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Young man stabbed over water dispute in Booni

BOONI: A youth was stabbed and critically injured over a water dispute here on Sunday.  The incident occurred at about 3pm near the Booni bazaar. The attacker escaped from the scene.

The injured has been identified as Khalid Hussain, 22, a native of Meragram No 1 and currently running garment shops in Booni bazaar.

The knife-wielding man, identified as Irfan Ali, son of Muhammad Wali, stabbed Khalid in the stomach when he was watering his agricultural fields near the bazaar area. The attacker is said to also originally belong to the Meragram village.

A team of police has been sent to the native village of the attacker but so far he has not been arrested.

The injured was taken to the Aga Khan Medical Centre where he was operated upon. A doctor at the medical centre told ChitralToday that the injured was out of danger.

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  1. Samiullah says

    Extremely shameful act. the perpetrators must be dealt with iron hand. it is so disappointing to see such cowardice act in one of the most peaceful regions of Pakistan

  2. Noshad Ali says

    And Chitralis are called “The most peaceful people”. So disappointed to see this.

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