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  1. There is a need to act promptly by govt as well as private sector. each and every village should have committees at mohala level to know if any child is being mistreated at home or school. bullying also puts a very negative impact on children and this usually occur at school at hands of classmates.
    yes Mr Saif sb has rightly pointed out that suicide is not an abrupt expression of anger it takes quite long time for an individual to reach such an extreme decision after losing all hopes and in an utter situation of despair. So before they take their lives, counselling should be provided to them. This can be done if one could know the situation the person is going through. So here the mohalla level volunteers could play a role to know the person at risk.

  2. I would rather say “Chitrali women had NO ISSUE AT ALL EXCEPT SUICIDE”. Alas! I am sure the participants of a seminar chaired a by a Baboo last month will get what kind of problems the Chitrali women are facing.
    And let me also a few things which could be helpful to give it a full stop to some extent. 1) There is a need to keep a vigilant eye on cruel stepmothers. The activities of notorious stepmothers should be brought in police notice. 2) The data of wife beater husbands should collected. 3) The neighbours especially the close relatives must not ignore such issues if they got to know somebody is facing such a problem. 4) The school teachers can also play a pivotal role as in this instant case, the the girl took refuge at the house of her teacher. 5) Committees approved by no other than district admin can be very helpful at village level to mitigate the sufferings of these people.

  3. I think there is no need of NOC for such a research.I volunteer myself for a baseline survey,to be followed by a seminar to discuss and recommend mitigative measures.

  4. saif Bahi what ever the reasons but this is very disappointing we need to think about it very seriously. why dont some TKN volunteers do a research of to find out the reason and plan accordingly. i will volunteer myself if some one else is ready to do a comprehensive research on this very important issue.

    1. Shakila Kai,
      The govt. has to take the first step because there will be legal implications to this if an NGO or volunteers would come forward first. As you are aware of law of the land; matters related to accidental deaths are subject to proper inquiry by the Law enforcement agencies. Yes, if an NOC is sought from the Govt. and then a study is conducted by an independent institution/an individual or a group of volunteers who have the expertise in the relevant field; that could be a possibility but that would also need enormous financial resources, I don’t think TKN can cover that but I must appreciate your eagerness to work which shows that we all share the pain alike.

  5. Dear Editor,
    Needless to say that it’s sad to hear about such heart-wrenching tragedies because for over a decade now Chitral has been witnessing similar cases times and again. It is understandable that these are separate individual cases which have no connection with each other but what is not clear is why our young generation become so hopeless that they take their own lives? There could be many underpinning reasons which may include lack of proper early childhood development; behavior of the family towards them; a pressure of the society and lack of understanding of their personalities amongst many others. But if we observe these cases closely we see one common factor which links all these sad demises together and that is “REACTION/Protest” to the society at large (which includes individuals, families, relatives, friends etc.) and circumstances. We always show our sympathies with the bereaved families and feel for the departed souls but never think beyond that.
    Being a professional student counselor I believe that all these kids and youth lack proper counseling and guidance and they feel left out; a crack in their personalities occur which gives them a motive and they see it as the last resort to show their anger/protest. Lack of proper guidance and support drifts them far apart from the society; they plan this act for months in their minds, don’t share with anyone because they don’t trust anyone and then they execute. Suicides have never occurred due to instant anger. People who commit suicides; they take a long time to motivate themselves to do such an extreme act because its not easy to take one’s own life.
    Now, what has to be done? Ideally speaking, all schools, colleges, and universities must have guidance counselors who would help the students build strong personalities-ones who would not fall flat at the face of immense pressure. We need to have active family involvement and support in their children’s lives, it’s not enough that they go to school and come back; parents must ensure that they spend quality time with their children which doesn’t necessarily mean that they should not let their kids take independent decisions. The whole point is to know about the problems your child is facing; unless and until you are actively involved with him/her, how would you know about their strengths and weaknesses-both emotional and psychological?
    The Govt. has always been a silent spectator in all this. They should come up with not only preventive measures but also a detailed Study Survey should be carried out in Chitral to find out the causes of increasing suicide cases amongst teenage group population and remedial measures should be taken.
    May Allah grant the departed souls a place in the highest abodes of heavens. Ameen!

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