Youth was given tranquilizer before murder: report

ChitralToday on Thursday. On Dec 16, 2017, a team of doctors from Chitral exhumed the body and collected samples and sent them to Lahore for forensic exams. The source told ChitralToday that the police had received the report and would submit it to the court for addition to the already submitted challan. He said as samples had been collected from the remains eight months after the murder, marks of wounds/injuries could not be detected so the experts tested the samples for traces of poison/tranquilizers to ascertain if the victim was given poison or tranquilizer. He said now it has been confirmed that the victim was made unconscious in order to make him unable to resist his murder. Aslam Baig, 24, son of Purdoom of Brep, was found dead on the night of April 14 last year. After his death, his wife told his elderly grandfather that he had suffered a heart attack. The father of the victim was in Islamabad at the time of the incident. The deceased was buried without informing the police about his mysterious death even though his relatives had seen marks of wounds on the body. According to the local people, police constable Syed Shahab, son of Syed Islam Shah of Zupu village used to visit the house of Aslam Baig. The wife of the deceased also belonged to the Zupu village. The relatives of the deceased approached the police to register a case against Shahab and the widow of Aslam Baig after the two contracted court marriage on Oct 10, 2017.  The police after a delay of a few days registered a murder case against the two suspects. The woman was arrested on Oct 22 from Ragh village where she along with the first wife of the man was living in a rented house. The suspected constable was later also arrested. A source close to the investigation told ChitralToday that call data record (CDR) obtained by the police showed that the suspect had reached in his home village of Zupu on Oct 11 after taking a week-long leave from Swat where he was undergoing training. He was in constant contact with the wife of the deceased and later came to Brep, according to the CDR locations. During about one month, according to the CDR, the two suspects had made 301 contacts with each other. A motorcycle allegedly used by the suspect on the night of the murder was also recovered by the police. Both the suspect and his wife were later released from jail bail.]]>

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