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PHC summons Chitral varsity's PD in appointment case

Prof Badshah Munir Bukhari[/caption] PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Wednesday issued notice to Prof Badshah Munir Bukhari in a petition challenging his appointment as the project director of the University of Chitral. A division bench of the court, comprising Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth and Justice Musarrat Hilali, summoned Mr Bukhari on March 28 on a petition filed by Dr Ismail Wali. Muhibullah Terichvi Advocate, the counsel for Mr Wali, maintained before the court that Mr Bukhari was appointed on the PD post on the recommendation of a member of the provincial assembly (MPA) in violation of rules. He contended that the name of his client (Mr Wali) was on top of a list prepared and sent by the Higher Education Department to the chief minister for selection of one of them while Mr Bakhari’s name was not included in the list at all. He said the chief minister was bound to pick one name from the list for appointment as the PD of the new university but Mr Bukhari was hired for the post bypassing the list, which was against the set rules. The names of the two other candidates: Dr Hassan Sher and Mumtaz Hussain. After hearing the arguments of the lawyer and the advocate general on behalf of the KP government, the court summoned Mr Bukhari on March 28 and adjourned the matter.]]>

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  1. Abid Mustafa says

    Thank God, what a relief. The lawyer for Ismail Wali should also challenge appointments against different posts which were filled through so-called NTS testing. And the positions for PRO and other small positions were filled completely on political basis. I challenge the PD to ask his PRO to write even his name and I am sure he will not be able to to write a single sentence. I also have serious reservations about the appointment of some unqualified people as head of the departments. The court should also look into the matter. Our prayers and best wishes are with Professor Wali and I am sure once court nullifies the incumbent PD’s appointment, he will also cancel the hiring of these incompetent people who do not deserve to be appointed on such posts.

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