One Reply to “Recent ban on sale of edible items reviewed”

  1. All the names included in the list are national level brands and their quality is much better than the local brands. What about the Ghees and Oils which are manufactured in Dergai and transported directly to Chitral for consumption,like “Sher” “Gulab” etc.WE have not seen their name in the list.Unfortunately the concerned provincial and district authorities who are supposed to deal with these things are passing through the period of hibernation. They regularly draw their salaries from the provincial exchequer without doing anything. Woh iswaqt khawb ghaflat se jagh jatay hai job court se koi aake unkay darwaza pa dastak deta hai..What about the more serious issue, medicine manufactured in Malakand Agency (Swat) and flooded in the local market and regularly prescribed by the doctors to the innocent and illiterate patients…who to check all these things…where is the govt…

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