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Underage motorcycle riders warned by Mastuj police

During the drive, hundreds of bikes were impounded after they were found driven by youngsters or untrained people having no driving licences. The police in a press release said the drive under the Underage motorcycle riders warned by Mastuj police supervision of Subdivisional Police Officer (SDPO) Muhammad Zaman was launched on the special direction of District Police Officer (DPO) Mansoor Aman. It said the underage bikers were not only informed about the dangers of driving bikes without licences but also told to submit undertakings that they would not indulge in the illegal practice again. The police said the residents of the area appreciated the action as they had for long been demanding the police tighten the noose around underage motorcycle riders who had become a nuisance for the public. Scores of people have either lost their lives or sustained injuries after being hit by underage or untrained motorcyclists in different parts of Chitral. The matter has become even more serious in remote areas where there is no police presence to take action against them. People in remote areas have called upon the police to impound the bikes driven by untrained youth or without licences.]]>

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  1. Shah Karez says

    Long awaited wish of the common man has been fulfilled. Well done Mastuj Police.

  2. Mukhtar Karim says

    If any bike rider want to get licance from police then after a lenghty process no licance is isssued to the rider….so now what can we do??
    it is the responsiblity of police that they first provide licance in easy ways…

  3. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Well done Mastuj Police. Such a drive is highly appreciated. Immature motor cyclist have become great danger not only for their own lives but other commuters lives are also jeopardized. We request the DPO, Chitral, the SDPO, Mastuj and the SHOs of local police stations to continue this campaign until this practice is completely eradicated.

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