Broken bridge poses threat to commuters

YARKHUN: Not a single road in Chitral could be repaired or new road constructed during the last many years.

As a result, commuters are not only facing troubles but also scores of people lost their lives or limbs in accidents mainly caused by poor roads and dilapidated bridges.
The residents of upper Yarkhun valley have been complaining that the wooden suspension bridge over the river in Zhupu village could collapse anytime.
They said no special repair of the bridge had ever been carried out since its construction in 1993. The communication and works (C&W) department has always ignored the repair work on this and other bridges.
Similar is the case with the bridge in front of Yukum village. This bridge is mostly used by people of villages located on the left bank of the river Yarkhun from Yukum to Pardan.
But due to the lack of maintenance, most of the wooden planks of the bridge have broken posing threats to the lives of the commuters. Vehicles crossing the bridge have to unload goods and passengers before crossing the bridge. The area people have called upon the government to repair the bridge before any accident occurs due to its poor condition.

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  1. thank you chitraltoday for highlighting the damage of yookum bridge.we the villagers are tired to repair the bridghe every time ouer self..,,this bridge is not only the roade for growor gol are pardan village,,this bridge direct connected the road with broghal through yarkhon lasht..due to a very heavy traffic and the drivers crossing the bridge with full of loaded mazadaz and dampers…so govt need to repair the bridge aad stop the full lodaed dampers and mazdaz then this will work for a long time,,,,otherwise if govt repair the bridge and will strat the same havey traffic again then im sure i would not work for a few month.

  2. in 2014-15 rs.25 lac were allocated by the govt for the repair of the zhupu bridge but the concerned contractor spent very insufficient amount on its repair despite repeated request by the locals…on another occasion the same contractor made fool the people in the repair of pedestrian bridge between wasum and zhupu by spending not even the one third of the allocated amount..So it is requested to initiate a corruption case against those responsible for it please and save the lives of the people crossing these two risky bridges..

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