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70th Independence Day celebrated across Chitral

CHITRAL: The 70th Independence Day of Pakistan was celebrated across Chitral with traditional zeal and fervor.

A national flag hoisting ceremony was held at the university lawn where Brigadier (retired)  Khushi Muhammad, Dr. Inayatullah Faizi and Professor Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari, Project Director of the university, were also present.

Students presented the national anthem. A function was also held at the university hall where Prof Dr Inayatullah Faizi was chief guest while the ceremony was presided over by Prof Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari. Students from different departments presented Hamd, Naat Sharif, and national songs.

Speaking on the occasion, students and guests paid rich tributes to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who created Pakistan and gave liberty to the Muslims.  They said that Pakistan came into being after great sacrifices and this is moral duty of youth to save it from all internal and external enemies as well as play vital role in eradicating social evils from the country.

They said that students of that time are national heroes who kicked campaign for independence movement and achieved their target. The speakers said that most of European countries had less natural resources but they achieved progress due to high level of education and honesty of the nation and leaders. But unfortunately our country is still living under heavy burden of foreign loans due to corruption of the rulers and malpractices of politicians despite that having great natural resources.

The speakers stressed upon students to concentrate on their education and play positive role in development of the the country. An independence cake was cut by the chief guest on this occasion. Prizes were also given to the students of the university who stood first in a recent quiz competition at the provincial level.

Talking to this scribe, Sumera, a student of English department, said that they were determined to bring a revolution against all social evils and to eradicate corruption from the country. Professor Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari said that we have great potential but have less opportunities to utilize them hence this is talent to get more benefits from less resources.

Different colorful tableaues, stage dramas, poetry competition, quiz competition, culture show, local music and other colorful programs were presented on this occasion where were highly appreciated by the participants and they really enjoyed these programs.

A large number of students, parents teachers, social workers participated in this colorful event of independence day. The students also thanked to HEC for approval of establishment of this university who will play great role in raising literacy ratio of quality education. They said that we should to be loyal with the country not only on this day but all 365 days of the year and to sacrifice for uplifting of the country.

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  1. Saif says

    This is one positive news coming out of Chitral after a long time because our systems are tuned to issues and hurdles since early childhood thus anything we speak of is issues and problems. Hoisting the national flag used to be a daily routine activity during school studies but we were unaware of the purpose behind it; let alone the meaning behind the colors and the crescent and star in it. We need to put some thought to the meanings it carries and should ask ourselves whether as individual citizens of Pakistan do we uphold those values which our national flag talks about? Are we standing at the edge where this very concept of tolerance and brotherhood between the whites and the greens has faded away.? or it is still there but we don’t want to either realise it or accept it.
    When the national flag is hoisted every morning it demands the citizens of Pakistan to uphold all those values and causes for which this beloved country of ours was created, it further demands that we should stand tall like itself against all odds. I am unable to understand why colleges and universities don’t do flag hoisting ceremonies why has it prevailed only in schools-same goes for the national anthem.
    Having said that, the combined message of the respected academics coming out from this event is a powerful one. Such messages are necessary for the youth of our region for motivation and hard work.
    I congratulate the university administration and the learned speakers to organise such a good show. Events such as this one are though symboli; but convey a positive message to the people of Pakistan. The message is of hope.
    A very happy belated 70th jashn e azadi mubarak.

  2. chitrali awam says

    Are anybody sure we are free and we have freedom? But I would say we are still slaves, slaves of fuedals, slaves of establishment, slaves of religious parties, slaves of head of political parties.iam sorry to say we are still poor and slaves. Pakistan Zinda bad.

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