Need to protect unique Khowar music


beautiful music. I want to write about Chitrali music, that has its awesome beauty and dignity. From few years we have been observing a great diversity in our music that is good but not appropriate at all. We have our own very old music culture, why we are transforming our beautiful Chitrali music toward Pashtu music? I was thinking about this question from few months and I concluded that the big reason behind this is a lack of interest on part of our artists, especially singers, to use their fun in our tradition. Our beautiful traditional music is going toward a decline and I request all of you to please come forward and raise some voice regarding this through social media and print media. Pushto music is identity of Pakhtoon people and it will never represent our tradition. Through this letter, I wholeheartedly request to all poets, song writers and especially singers to promote our music in our own way and tradition. Sardar Ayub Khan student AKU-SONAM Karachi.]]>

  1. Ilyas says

    I am happy that you didn’t say it is the most beautiful place ‘in the world’ . Lol.
    My view about new trends in khowar music is positive. It has pushed Mr. Mansoor (the legend) and other good singers of Chitral in a position where they can come up with better music. Otherwise the traditional music was getting quite boring. Lately, Mansoor sahib has recorded some wonderful albums. So, let the competition and diversity thrive 🙂

  2. ijaz ahmad says

    sardar ayub saib you did speak the words of my heart…the stupid kind of a new instrument with horrible sound has tarnished our traditional music..we must raise our voice to revive our traditional music…

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