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APML office-bearers resign, new president says there was no cabinet

When contacted, Shahzada Khalid Pervez told ChitralToday that they resigned from the cabinet as a protest against the central leadership’s unilateral decision to appoint Sultan Wazir as the president without consultation with the local leaders. He said they were not opposed to Mr Wazir but the way his appointment was made was against democratic norms. He said before Mr Wazir, the central command had named Abdur Rehman of Ayun as the president but he remained in the oblivion and did not carry out any political activity. Shahzada Pervez said he and his colleagues would announce their future line of political action after Eidul Azha. However, talking to ChitralToday on phone from Karachi, Sultan Wazir said the local leaders of Chitral were already in the know of his appointment as the president of APML Chitral. He said before his appointment there was no president of the APML Chitral and Abdur Rehman had been given a look-after charge by the central leadership. So when there was no president the question of a district cabinet and its resignation does not hold any significance. He said he was in the process of picking a new cabinet and as a first step had asked names for appointment as information secretary lower and upper Chitral. He said the president and general secretary of the district are always appointed by the central leadership and the rest of the cabinet would be formed on the recommendations of the president. He said he would organize the APML at the UC level and a large number of prominent people were ready to join the APML and would soon announce their decisions.]]>

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  1. Ishtiaq Ahmad says

    There is no APML in Chitral like anywhere in Pakistan. It was Musharaff League or (M)league. Now the (M)league has decided to become (N)league. No ideology, no principles, no conscience. Like Musharraf, like his NRO, like his party, like the politics of Pakistan, the rubbish goes on.

  2. Shams Baigal says

    They were eagerly waiting for this to happen. I am wondering what will happen to the PMLN office bearers in the up coming elections when Iftkihar and Pervez will contest from PMLN seats in Chitral?? Frankly speaking both the little shahzadas are much suited for the slots and interestingly the PMLN office bearers will not be able to do anything since both are in good coordination with Ameer Muqam.

  3. Akhtar Ali says

    Let us be fair. Immediately after the general elections APML virtually ceased to exist. Now it is all crocodile tears and drama bazi.

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