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District nazim using KP govt's projects for cheap publicity

MPA Saleem Khan[/caption] In a statement issued here on Wednesday, MPA Khan said for the past many weeks the district nazim had been busy cutting ribbons and opening plaques of different schemes for which the MPAs had got the funds sanctioned from the provincial government. “In today’s age of information revolution, the people of Chitral are very much aware of everything and know what is the job of the nazim. His job is limited to local matters such as construction of canals and streets etc., through fund available with the district government. They also know that major projects are funded by the provincial government on the recommendations of the MPAs.” Saleem Khan, who is also the district president of the PPP, added that by inaugurating work on the reconstruction of roads and bridges damaged in the 2015 floods under the Annual Development Plan (ADP), the district nazim was befooling the educated people of Chitral by giving an impression that all the projects had been approved on his recommendation. Mr Khan said Rs550 million were approved by the KP chief minister for the reconstruction of the damaged roads and bridges on the request of the three MPAs from Chitral. He said he and his party MPA, Sardar Hussain, submitted three calling attention notices to the KP assembly to put pressure on the provincial government to approve the funds.

We (MPAs) also kept on pressuring the chief minister as well as Imran Khan after which the funds were approved. When Imran Khan visited Chitral last year, I had a long argument with him after which the PTI chief directed the chief minister to resolve Chitral’s issues and provide funds for the reconstruction activities in the district.
The MPA said that last year the district nazim was urging Imran Khan to call a donors’ conference to collect funds for the reconstruction work in Chitral and today he is claiming that he got the funds approved from the KP government. “Water supply scheme of Shedi was carried out through my discretionary funds but Pehlwan also reached there and installed a plaque of his name. The dialysis machine was provided to the District Headquarters Hospital when I was in the provincial cabinet during the previous PPP tenure but the nazim crossed all limits of decency by inaugurating it too.” He said the chief minister had already issued directions that all ADP schemes would be inaugurated only by MPAs and the district nazims would have no role in it but Maghfirat Shah still continued his childish approach in Chitral.–Syed Nazir Hussain Shah]]>

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  1. Kifayat says

    Agree with Salim Khan, Saleem Khan you are genuine leader elected directly by the people of Chitral, these hypocrates managed to win by getting their agents elected on seats of other parties including JUI and PPP who later betrayed their parties and supported him. You can expect any thing from this person.

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