2 Replies to “Festival organizers should be bound to ensure cleanliness”

  1. The request of Mr. Rehamt Ali khan, Chairman CHEPS is quite genuine and timely. We support the environment activist in this issue. The concerned authorities must give weightage to his request. This scribe has also requested in the article ” Pakistani aur safaaye” (chitraltoday, 6-4-017)to the relevent heads of the district offices, Chitral to ensure cleanliness of our natural picnic and tourist spots and public places of the district during Jeshens/tournaments. We hope our request will be honoured.

  2. Very valuable and timely suggestion by the Chairman, CHEPS who is always seen to perform this noble duty and great cause of cleanliness. Administration if kindly perform this single suggested principle at the time of issuing NOC to the organizers, it will be considered as a GREAT FAVOR…

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