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Needy volunteers get cash under UN-funded programme

In this programme, two UCs were selected in Upper Chitral namely Charun and Mulkhow. The first work cycle was completed in this week and cash were distributed among the participants in both the UCs. In this programme, the community physical infrastructures were rehabilitated in a programme under cash for work. The needy people of the area were taken as participants in the above programme who worked for almost 15 days to rehabilitate their irrigation channels, roads and wster heads. Upon the successful completion of the scheme, they are rewarded in the form of cash by the WFP. At the same time the needy females of the area were given training in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Kitchen Gardening and Enterprise Development. In this way the female participants not only got expertise in the above sectors but also got a reasonable amount of cash upon the Successful completion of the training session. The masses of the area really appreciate the efforts of the UN agencies the initiation of such activities in the upper areas of Chitral and hope to continue such kind of programmes in future as well. Through this programme the participants get reasonable amount of money to improve their livelihood and the remaining villagers also get indirect benefit from the program because their physical infrastructures are getting rehabilitated free of cost. The female segment got enough confidence to cope with future disasters risks with the above mentioned training. The training focuses on female segment only because the female segment become panicky in all kind of disasters and become prey to natural disasters compared to male segment of the society. The second important thing is that the male segment generally remains out of house for job and laboring and the female segment have the responsibility to take care of the vulnerable segment i.e infants and adults left in home in the times of disasters.]]>

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