Roads blocked, house collapses in fresh rain/snowfall

The rain started on March 21 and continued till the night if March 22. The fresh rain/snow turned the weather chilly. Due to the rain and snowfall, the house of Maina Gul in the Khruzg village of Yarkhun collapsed. However, no loss of life or injuries were reported. There were reports of partial damages to other houses too as the kacha houses could not withstand the prolonged wet spell. Meanwhile, police in Chitral said that the roads to Booni and Torkhow were blocked on Thursday due to fall of rocks and boulders at different points. People of upper Chitral said the unusual cold weather and the rain/snowfall since the first week of February would leave a very negative impact on different crops. An elderly man in the Yarkhun valkey said rain on the Nowroz day ie March 21 meant the year would experience record wet spell.]]>

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