Nowroz celebrated in Chitral, GB

Photo: Jamshid Ahmed[/caption] The day began with special congregations in the Jamatkhanas where Vaizeen and others highlighted the historical significance of the day. Later in the day, people visited each other’s houses and were entertained with specially prepared dishes. Youngsters spent the day by enjoying different games and musical programmes but this year inclement weather and rain in many parts of the area disturbed their plans. In Gilgit-Baltistan, the event was also celebrated by the Ismaili and Shia communities. In the Hunza area, Nowroz coincided with the start of agricultural activities as the farmers began ploughing their fields. In Baltistan, an interesting feature of Nowroz was breaking of painted eggs by boys. Every competitor brought an egg to the ceremony, where they tried to break it with another egg. Each time the egg was broken the winner was given an egg by the loser.]]>

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  1. I don’t why Navroz has been limited to or considered part of an Ismaili tradition. Its a regional thing which we, the whole of Northern and Eastern part of Pakistan, are apart. It should be celebrated at National level.

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