Looking for relatives

I am writing to inform you that ,my forefather migrated from Chitral Qalot or Kalash place,he was a Kivi ,to Wakhan Tajikistan in 1900….and he stayed in Wakhan fore the rest of his life and now we are his grandsons ….
I would like to find my blood relatives in Chitral through your organization ….I have some information about my Forefather from the speech of my grandfather :,my  forefather Mahmuri was a businessman, he trade in silk road through Pamirs,badaxshan at that time…..one day in his roud in Badaxshan, Shaxdara district he meets his future wife ,Gulbegim….he gets married with Gulbegim and they lived in Chitral in our own wakhi language(Chatror,Qalot)-village…(QALOT OR KALASH or Kalkot am not sure).Gulbegim was from Roshtqala,Badakhshan,she has two sisters Roziya(lived in YAmg village),Shobegim (lived in Darshay vilage)their father name was Kargas from Roshtqala. When our gr.father Khudoidod (Xdodod )Mahmuri’s son (Xdodod was a commender at that time,Who was the king we dont know….maybe you know the history at that time who was the king and which areas was in his control ,can give us information.)comes to his cousins to darshay,by the river in Yamg(by “win”-by mountain…) in 1905 or earlier…then in darshay ,Whakhan Xdodod’cousins did not let him go back and he stays here in Darshay(Drshay)village and gets merried to Asalbegim . they had only one child ,a son my grandfather Mirzo.Khudoidod had brothers left in Chitral.Odina,PILTANG,IMOMDOD AND HE HAD ONE SISTER CALLED NOZMAL.Nazmal gets married with one wakhi man from Yamg village…..KHUDODOD DIED IN 1944-1945.
With a great hope ,I look forward hearing from you soon ,
Yours sincerely
Islo Mirzoev.