Portion of saint's tomb found demolished

The mazar is of a famous saint which has existed in the village for centuries. The unknown persons excavated beside the tomb and demolished a portion of it between Friday and Saturday night. Local people got the news about the incident late on Saturday and were trying to erect the demolished portion. They also reported the incident to the police. Talking with ChitralToday, Village Council Nazim Waqar Ahmed said the incident was astonishing for the local people and it must be thoroughly investigated. He said the police scanned the area and declared it clear of any suspicious person or material. However, the locals expressed the fear that some explosive material might have been planted inside the mazar by the persons. When contacted, DSP Zafar Ahmed said on the direction of DPO Chitral he visited the mazar and found that the damage was a human act. He said the police would properly investigate the matter. The local people said for the last a few days the number of visitors to the tomb had increased. They said last night a non-local person had also been seen in the area. The DSP also confirmed the presence of a non-local man who spent a night in the village mosque. He said the outsider was a resident of Alai area in the Mansehra district. It is also learned from sources that some non-local people had been working on excavation at archaeological sites or searching for hidden treasures in different parts of Chitral. One similar incident was also reported from Shishikoh in the recent past in which non-locals were involved.]]>

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