Boy dies before reaching hospital due to blockade of road

Jahan Zeb, 14, was the only son of his parents. He had sustained head injuries after a fall a few months ago. The boy was taken to Peshawar where he was operated upon at a private hospital. In the meantime, however, the boy was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor asked the parents to take the boy home and bring him back after a month. While back in home at Shali, the only road to the area was blocked by avalanches last month. As the road could not be reopened even after a month, the relatives put the boy in a charpoy and started moving towards the Chiral town on foot. However, the boy died before reaching the Chitral town. The parents of the boy said Jahan Zeb was their only son along with four daughters. They said the family was devastated after the loss of Jahan Zeb. They said had the road been opened, their loved one could have been provided medical treatment in Chitral and then in Peshawar. They said the government should reopen all blocked roads in order to save patients from dying on road without getting any medical treatment.—GH Farooqui]]>

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