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100-year-old man awaits govt help to rebuild house

Talking to this scribe during a visit to the visit, Shah said that his house was  damaged by the avalanche which also buried his cattle pen along with all the household items in the 11 rooms.  He said the inmates of the house saved their lives by fleeing before the avalanche struck. Shah said he and his family were now living in a relative’s house and faced lots of problems. He said he visited the assistant commissioner  office who promised for deputing a tehsildar for the assessment of the damages. The tehsildar asked the displaced man to arrange a vehicle for him to visit the village. When a jeep was arranged, the tehsildar did not visit the house and has been making different excuses since then. The old man criticized the provincial government saying it had miserably failed to compensate affected people and for rehabilitation of damaged houses and roads by natural disasters. He appealed to the federal government to help him in the reconstruction of his damaged house without further delay.]]>

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  1. Dr. Khalil (Jughooru) says

    Mogh is richest village in the whole district, there are about 11 Phd s and dozens of millionaires in his village, i hope they can help him when they were informed.

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